Battelle for Kids - Content + Courseware Development
Battelle for Kids

Accelerating student learning through professional development

Battelle for Kids has quickly become a leader in the development of learning systems that empower educators and school districts. As they began to develop a new series of courses focused on Formative Assessment (an "as you go" measure of student progress, rather than a single high stakes test), they engaged Shift to re-organize and re-envision their comprehensive face-to-face content into a series of segmented, progressive digital courses.  Read more...

Panasonic - Custom Learning Management System + Courseware

What if you sold the solution, not the product?

Panasonic’s Toughbook line of laptops has many challenging selling propositions. Most testing among these is that they are sold through OEMs and priced much higher than competitors. Panasonic needed an effective avenue to educate sales teams on product attributes, value propositions and brand voice and tone. They lacked the ability to coach individual sales professionals through the complex process for their specific industry markets.  Read more...