Dewar's (Japan) - Regionalized Web Experience
Dewar's (Japan) Adding to the strength of the recently completed global platform, Shift has just deployed a Japanese language version of the site. Japan joins the US, UK, China and Dominican Republic as early adopters of the global digital platform.
Dewar’s (China) - Regionalized Web Experience
Dewar’s (China)

Retracing the steps of Tommy Dewar

Adding to the strength of the recently completed global platform, Shift has just deployed a Chinese language version of the site. China joins the US, UK and Dominican Republic as early adopters of the global digital platform. In 2010, we expect to extend this reach by deploying Russian, Spanish and Greek versions of the site as well. China's been an important part of the Dewar's story since Tommy Dewar first visited both Canton and Shanghai during his famous "Ramble Around The Globe" in the 1890s.

Bacardi Limited - Experience Design, Localization + CMS
Bacardi Limited

Willkommen bei Bacardi-Martini

With its global corporate site already established, Bacardi Limited wanted each of its markets to be capable of creating their own, localized corporate sites.  Read more...

Bombay Sapphire (Italy) - Perfect Combination Module + Gallery
Bombay Sapphire (Italy)

Making the perfect combination

After the launch of in the spring of 2008, the Italian marketing team approached Shift to provide digital support for their Perfect Combination initiative. The website being a key component of a large-scale marketing push to promote the pairing of Bombay Sapphire drinks with high-end cuisine.  Read more...

Champions Drink Responsibly - Social Responsibility Platform
Champions Drink Responsibly

When I go for a drink, my car stays home

That's what 7-time Formula 1 World Champion Michael Schumacher believes. As Bacardi Limited rolled out their multi-year, global social responsibility campaign to fight drunk driving, they looked to Shift Global to enhance their message and extend it to the digital channel.  Read more...

Bombay Sapphire - Global Digital Experience + Brand Framework
Bombay Sapphire

Thinking outside the page

To further solidify their marketing position as a leader in premium gin, Bombay Sapphire needed to alter its global web platform to better support both global communication platforms and provide a more effective support for local market online activities.  Read more...

Dewar’s 12 - Digital Experience + Motion Graphics
Dewar’s 12

Substance always trumps style

Dewar's 12 launched a new campaign that sought to define the idea of substance. The campaign focused on the idea that it's what's inside that counts. This message needed to be conveyed through print, television and interactive media.  Read more...

Noilly Prat - Digital Brand Experience
Noilly Prat

Conveying the essence of France and the Languedoc

In 2007, Bacardi Global Brands added Noilly Prat to its premium brands portfolio. A niche market brand for connoisseurs, it was the first dry white vermouth, created in 1813 by Joseph Noilly. Upon its acquisition, Bacardi wanted to raise Noilly Prat's profile internationally with a global market platform, and tapped Shift to extend the brand and communication strategy to the web.  Read more...

Dewar’s Scotch Whisky - Global Digital Experience + Brand Framework
Dewar’s Scotch Whisky

Seven sites, one framework

John Dewar & Sons had expanded their portfolio over several years, each product being presented independent of a cohesive portfolio. The challenge was greater online, where numerous experiences had developed. Each was different than the other, providing little brand continuity across the properties, resulting in an experience that didn't contribute to the full momentum of the brand.  Read more...