Alliance Data - Facebook Integration For Retail Card Holders
Alliance Data

Empowering Account Holders

Working with Alliance Data, Shift has developed a template-based series of Facebook tabs that provide cardholder access to account management, shopping and special offers. For those who are not already cardholders, the tab identifies loyalty benefits and provides quick access to an online application.  Read more...

NASCAR Nationwide Series - Digital Strategy + Experience Design
NASCAR Nationwide Series

Authentically connecting to a new customer segement

Having spent its first season of sponsorship on the sidelines, Nationwide Insurance decided to leverage its association with the NASCAR Nationwide Series to increase sales of insurance policies. But how does a Fortune 500 company connect with the NASCAR crowd?  Read more...

Comdata - Digital Brand Experience

Innovative digital communication platform from the payment innovator

Credited with the pioneering of the stored value card concept, Comdata had grown to include a broad range of products and services around electronic payments. However, this growth had resulted in a siloed portfolio whose combined services were not well understood by customers.  Read more...