Shift takes home two Awards of Excellence

Shift Global recently took home two Awards of Excellence in the 2009 CSCA Creative Best Competition. We were honored in both the Campaign category (for the Dewar's Proshop program) and the Video category (for the 2008 Bombay Sapphire DGC Wrapup).

Of note, Shift was the only digital agency to receive an Award of Excellence in either category and the only digital agency honored for an integrated campaign. Details here and additional links after the jump.  Read more...

Bacardi Global Brands - Motion Graphics
Bacardi Global Brands

We like that, now make it move

Having recently rolled out several digital marketing campaigns for a number of brands, Bacardi asked Shift to develop motion graphic samples to capture the essence and results of each of these campaigns.  Read more...

Bombay Sapphire (Italy) - Perfect Combination Module + Gallery
Bombay Sapphire (Italy)

Making the perfect combination

After the launch of in the spring of 2008, the Italian marketing team approached Shift to provide digital support for their Perfect Combination initiative. The website being a key component of a large-scale marketing push to promote the pairing of Bombay Sapphire drinks with high-end cuisine.  Read more...

Bombay Sapphire - Global Digital Experience + Brand Framework
Bombay Sapphire

Thinking outside the page

To further solidify their marketing position as a leader in premium gin, Bombay Sapphire needed to alter its global web platform to better support both global communication platforms and provide a more effective support for local market online activities.  Read more...

Bombay Sapphire - Inspired Mixology Facebook Application
Bombay Sapphire

Translating cocktail mixology to the social space

As part of an effort to extend the reach and relevancy of their successful Designer Glass Competition, Bombay Sapphire reached out to Shift Global for solutions to activate the program in the newly open application environment within Facebook.  Read more...


Cheers. Salud. Sláinte. Shift Steals The Show

After years spent avoiding arts organizations and awards shows, Shift took 5 of 7 awards in the Interactive and Video category, including Best of Category for the Global Website and Digital Brand Framework.  Read more...