Dewar's - TEDGlobal Facebook Integration

Dewar's at TED

As part of their sponsorship of 2011's TEDGlobal event in Edinburgh, Dewar's Scotch Whisky engaged Shift to plan and develop an integrated Facebook-based experience for those fans who weren't lucky enough to attend.  Read more...

Dewar's (Japan) - Regionalized Web Experience
Dewar's (Japan) Adding to the strength of the recently completed global platform, Shift has just deployed a Japanese language version of the site. Japan joins the US, UK, China and Dominican Republic as early adopters of the global digital platform.
Alliance Data - Facebook Integration For Retail Card Holders
Alliance Data

Empowering Account Holders

Working with Alliance Data, Shift has developed a template-based series of Facebook tabs that provide cardholder access to account management, shopping and special offers. For those who are not already cardholders, the tab identifies loyalty benefits and provides quick access to an online application.  Read more...

Bombay Sapphire

There's Something Inside...You.

Bacardi Global Brands approached Shift to craft and execute a digital strategy and online campaign for Bombay Sapphire that supported and enhanced the company's new print campaign, There's Something Inside the Bombay Sapphire. The campaign, specifically the tagline, encourages audiences to explore the “Something Inside” that gives Bombay Sapphire gin depth and richness of character.  Read more...

Gilt Groupe - Gilt Man Made Facebook Application
Gilt Groupe

Rich consumer engagement in the social playground

Responding to Gilt Groupe's desire to reach and engage a slightly younger demographic with their Gilt Man offering, Shift and Relevent partnered to conceive and implement an engaging Facebook application in which users to give their friends a "Gilt Man Makeover."

Dewar’s (China) - Regionalized Web Experience
Dewar’s (China)

Retracing the steps of Tommy Dewar

Adding to the strength of the recently completed global platform, Shift has just deployed a Chinese language version of the site. China joins the US, UK and Dominican Republic as early adopters of the global digital platform. In 2010, we expect to extend this reach by deploying Russian, Spanish and Greek versions of the site as well. China's been an important part of the Dewar's story since Tommy Dewar first visited both Canton and Shanghai during his famous "Ramble Around The Globe" in the 1890s.


Shift takes home two Awards of Excellence

Shift Global recently took home two Awards of Excellence in the 2009 CSCA Creative Best Competition. We were honored in both the Campaign category (for the Dewar's Proshop program) and the Video category (for the 2008 Bombay Sapphire DGC Wrapup).

Of note, Shift was the only digital agency to receive an Award of Excellence in either category and the only digital agency honored for an integrated campaign. Details here and additional links after the jump.  Read more...


Once Again, Shift Honored as One of the Fastest Growing Companies in Central Ohio

In its second year of eligibility, Shift Global was again recognized on the Columbus Business First Fast 50 list. With an average growth of exceeding 100% during the past two years, the Columbus-based digital agency ranked #11 on the list. The 2009 winners and final rankings were revealed at the 14th Annual Fast 50 Luncheon and Awards Ceremony on October 16th. Of note, Shift was the highest ranked marketing services firm on the list.  Read more...

Columbus Metropolitan Library - Self-Checkout Kiosk
Columbus Metropolitan Library

A more usable and efficient checkout system

The Columbus Metropolitan Library is among the most-used and highest-ranked library systems in the country. In response to a marked increase in the use of their Self-Checkout Kiosks, the Library had an explicit desire to improve the patron experience with the system.  Read more...

Battelle for Kids - Content + Courseware Development
Battelle for Kids

Accelerating student learning through professional development

Battelle for Kids has quickly become a leader in the development of learning systems that empower educators and school districts. As they began to develop a new series of courses focused on Formative Assessment (an "as you go" measure of student progress, rather than a single high stakes test), they engaged Shift to re-organize and re-envision their comprehensive face-to-face content into a series of segmented, progressive digital courses.  Read more...

Dewar's + Callaway - Website, Mobile Apps, Game + Sweepstakes
Dewar's + Callaway

Let's find your swing

Uniting with golf equipment giant Callaway, Dewar’s desired a digital marketing campaign that would highlight the partnership on the web and attract its shared audience.  Read more...

Bacardi Global Brands - Motion Graphics
Bacardi Global Brands

We like that, now make it move

Having recently rolled out several digital marketing campaigns for a number of brands, Bacardi asked Shift to develop motion graphic samples to capture the essence and results of each of these campaigns.  Read more...

Bacardi Limited - Experience Design, Localization + CMS
Bacardi Limited

Willkommen bei Bacardi-Martini

With its global corporate site already established, Bacardi Limited wanted each of its markets to be capable of creating their own, localized corporate sites.  Read more...

USC + Mellon Foundation - Branding, Strategy + Application Design
USC + Mellon Foundation

Redefining the notion of a book

When the developers of Sophie — open source software for the interactive writing, reading and visualizing rich media documents — recognized the need to bring their online presence up to speed with the dynamic nature of their product, they turned to Shift for guidance.  Read more...

NASCAR Nationwide Series - Digital Strategy + Experience Design
NASCAR Nationwide Series

Authentically connecting to a new customer segement

Having spent its first season of sponsorship on the sidelines, Nationwide Insurance decided to leverage its association with the NASCAR Nationwide Series to increase sales of insurance policies. But how does a Fortune 500 company connect with the NASCAR crowd?  Read more...

Bombay Sapphire (Italy) - Perfect Combination Module + Gallery
Bombay Sapphire (Italy)

Making the perfect combination

After the launch of in the spring of 2008, the Italian marketing team approached Shift to provide digital support for their Perfect Combination initiative. The website being a key component of a large-scale marketing push to promote the pairing of Bombay Sapphire drinks with high-end cuisine.  Read more...


Shift Global Honored as One of the Fastest Growing Companies in Central Ohio

In its first year of eligibility, Shift Global has landed on the 2008 Columbus Business First Fast 50 list. With an average growth of 179% during the past two years, the Columbus-based digital agency entered this year's list at #11. The 2008 winners and final rankings were revealed at the 13th Annual Fast 50 Luncheon and Awards Ceremony on October 16th. Of note, Shift is one of 20 companies appearing on the list for the first time.  Read more...

Champions Drink Responsibly - Social Responsibility Platform
Champions Drink Responsibly

When I go for a drink, my car stays home

That's what 7-time Formula 1 World Champion Michael Schumacher believes. As Bacardi Limited rolled out their multi-year, global social responsibility campaign to fight drunk driving, they looked to Shift Global to enhance their message and extend it to the digital channel.  Read more...

Repreve - Digital Brand Education + Product Experience

It's not easy being green

In a marketing climate rife with less-than-authentic green claims, Shift was given the task of communicating the unique qualities of Unifi's flagship product, Repreve, in a fairly cluttered space.

At the same time, as an ingredient brand, our efforts needed to build association of recycled/green with Repreve -- in the same manner Lycra is associated with qualities of stretch.  Read more...

The86Collective - Digital Brand Activation

Creating an art movement from scratch

In parallel with the development of the Rubi Rey web presence, Shift was asked to take a lead role in planning and execution of a digital activation effort for the Rubi brand.

At the core of this strategy is the concept of a curated, user generated art movement--out of that idea, The86Collective was born.  Read more...

Bombay Sapphire - Global Digital Experience + Brand Framework
Bombay Sapphire

Thinking outside the page

To further solidify their marketing position as a leader in premium gin, Bombay Sapphire needed to alter its global web platform to better support both global communication platforms and provide a more effective support for local market online activities.  Read more...

Bacardi Mobile Widget - iPhone + Blackberry Application
Bacardi Mobile Widget

Let's take this party mobile

Tapping into the increasingly present market for mobile web applications, Bacardi USA desired a mobile experience that promoted their family of products while paying of their social responsibility efforts.  Read more...

Exel - Digital Brand Experience + Content Platform

Delivering a best-in-category brand experience

Exel, the $4.6 billon North American supply chain management and logistics division of DHL and Deustche Post World Net, came to Shift with a newly defined brand and a severely outdated website.  Read more...

Firelands Regional Medical Center - Comprehensive Digital Experience
Firelands Regional Medical Center

Large enough to care for you, small enough to care about you

In conjunction with a major facilities and service line expansion, FRMC turned to Shift to help establish a completely new web presence. Chief among the challenges our team faced was transitioning an existing, narrow perception of the small, community hospital to that of a premier, regional medical center -- which FRMC had certainly become.  Read more...

Panasonic - Custom Learning Management System + Courseware

What if you sold the solution, not the product?

Panasonic’s Toughbook line of laptops has many challenging selling propositions. Most testing among these is that they are sold through OEMs and priced much higher than competitors. Panasonic needed an effective avenue to educate sales teams on product attributes, value propositions and brand voice and tone. They lacked the ability to coach individual sales professionals through the complex process for their specific industry markets.  Read more...

Bombay Sapphire - Inspired Mixology Facebook Application
Bombay Sapphire

Translating cocktail mixology to the social space

As part of an effort to extend the reach and relevancy of their successful Designer Glass Competition, Bombay Sapphire reached out to Shift Global for solutions to activate the program in the newly open application environment within Facebook.  Read more...


Cheers. Salud. Sláinte. Shift Steals The Show

After years spent avoiding arts organizations and awards shows, Shift took 5 of 7 awards in the Interactive and Video category, including Best of Category for the Global Website and Digital Brand Framework.  Read more...

Dewar’s 12 - Digital Experience + Motion Graphics
Dewar’s 12

Substance always trumps style

Dewar's 12 launched a new campaign that sought to define the idea of substance. The campaign focused on the idea that it's what's inside that counts. This message needed to be conveyed through print, television and interactive media.  Read more...

Noilly Prat - Digital Brand Experience
Noilly Prat

Conveying the essence of France and the Languedoc

In 2007, Bacardi Global Brands added Noilly Prat to its premium brands portfolio. A niche market brand for connoisseurs, it was the first dry white vermouth, created in 1813 by Joseph Noilly. Upon its acquisition, Bacardi wanted to raise Noilly Prat's profile internationally with a global market platform, and tapped Shift to extend the brand and communication strategy to the web.  Read more...

Vanille Royale - Digital Platform + Brand Site
Vanille Royale

A special treat for special times

Though one of the smallest brands in the Bacardi portfolio, Vanille Royale was poised for growth. As part of a global effort to widen distribution of the product, Bacardi USA reached out to Shift to plan, design and build a robust, extensible presence for the brand.  Read more...

Sommers Whole-Brained Creative - Web Experience
Sommers Whole-Brained Creative

What, you might ask, do we do?

When our friends at Sommers Whole-Brained Creative approached us about developing a new site for their brand and communication design practice, we jumped at the chance.  Read more...

Fetch - Digital Strategy, Application Design + Brand Extension

Brand it and bring it to life in the digital channel

A private equity group approached Shift with an idea to create a web and catalog experience or the under-served niche of high-income, female owners of purebred dogs. They had knowledge of the business opportunity, but not the digital channel

Shift's initial brief was to name and brand the business. Our recommendation of "Fetch" won out over hundreds of other names generated by competitive naming and branding consultants.  Read more...

Rubi Rey Rum - Digital Brand Experience
Rubi Rey Rum

A rich, premium experience in an undifferentiated category

Always looking to craft new products in an otherwise cluttered category, Bacardi conceived, created and test marketed a hand-crafted, small batch rum called Rubi Rey. As part of the launch/test effort, Shift was engaged to develop a plan, design and execute digital presence for the brand.  Read more...

Dewar’s Scotch Whisky - Global Digital Experience + Brand Framework
Dewar’s Scotch Whisky

Seven sites, one framework

John Dewar & Sons had expanded their portfolio over several years, each product being presented independent of a cohesive portfolio. The challenge was greater online, where numerous experiences had developed. Each was different than the other, providing little brand continuity across the properties, resulting in an experience that didn't contribute to the full momentum of the brand.  Read more...

BarTV - Digital Experience, Brand + Podcasting Platform

Building and branding the ultimate guide to bar and cocktail culture

Leveraging content from the dozens of brands in their portfolio, Shift Global was asked by Bacardi to build the ultimate online experience around the cocktail culture.  Read more...

86 Style - Ecommerce Experience + Brand Identity
86 Style

Creating consumer power through customization

The EightySix brand concept centers around the use of creative empowerment to express one’s individual style. As a start-up, EightySix needed a total and economical system to launch their brand, go to market and build both consumer and trade interest.  Read more...

Golf Magazine - Co-Branded Microsite Experiences
Golf Magazine

Driving brand engagement through highly-targeted microsites

Over the last several years, Shift has designed and developed numerous topical microsites for Golf Magazine. The bulk of these centered on creating small topical content sites the blended unique attributes from an advertiser with a golf content angle.  Read more...

Havana Club - Digital Product Launch
Havana Club

Experience the sultry seduction of Havana nightlife

Havana Club, an original iconic rum from Cuba, was relaunched in limited quantities by Bacardi USA after extensive work to recraft the spirit using the original 1935 recipe. As part of the launch effort, Shift was engaged to develop a modest digital presence that paid homage to the 1930s speakeasy cocktail experience, presented the brand as a luxury product and served as a digital destination for offline marketing initiatives.

Comdata - Digital Brand Experience

Innovative digital communication platform from the payment innovator

Credited with the pioneering of the stored value card concept, Comdata had grown to include a broad range of products and services around electronic payments. However, this growth had resulted in a siloed portfolio whose combined services were not well understood by customers.  Read more...

Bacardi Mojito - Digital Product Experience + Video
Bacardi Mojito

The perfect digital accompaniment for summer

In parallel with a massive traditional marketing effort (including placements in and sponsorship of the movie Miami Vice), Shift was asked to design and develop a cocktail-specific microsite focused on the Bacardi Mojito.  Read more...

Germain Motor Company - Access Germain Web Application
Germain Motor Company

Putting real time, distributed data at management's fingertips

After a period of rapid growth and expansion, family-owned Germain Motor compay of Columbus, Ohio found that the hands-on management of their diverse entities was very time consuming. Shift proposed and implemented the "Access Germain" intranet system to efficiently communicate across the entire business.  Read more...

Nielsen//NetRatings - Web Application Design + Digital Strategy

We have two products... and no idea how to bring them together

Nielsen//NetRatings, the premier source for online advertising intelligence, had numerous usability issues with their NetView and @Plan product integration. Shift was engaged for their strategy, information architecture, design and usability expertise in order to improve the experience for their customers  Read more...